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Adaptive Yoga Class Descriptions
*Pre-Registration is required for all Adaptive Yoga classes

-Adaptive Yoga Classes-

Adaptive yoga is a style of yoga that considers all bodies and abilities.  It's accessible to everyone, and multiple variations are taught, allowing the poses to be adapted to specific needs and abilities.  Poses are modified using a variety of props and the aid of a chair.  Adaptive yoga can include yoga for specific medicalconditions, physical disabilities or even yoga for older adults.  In addition to offering the same benefits as traditional yoga, adaptive yoga has been shown to benefit overall well-being, daily function, balance and more.

Chair Yoga 

Calm the mind, reduce stress, and practice modified versions of traditional yoga poses in this gentle class performed 80% seated, 20 % standing while using a chair for balance aid.  Chair yoga practice is perfect for yogi's with limited mobility, or who are recovering from injury, illness or medical procedures. *Appropriate for all levels, no experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga for (MS) Multiple Sclerosis 

This yoga class is designed specially for people living with MS.  Through graceful movement patterns, stretching and breathing exercises, this slower, more delicate class is intended to assist with fatigue, balance, spasticity and chronic pain.  The temperature in the yoga space is controlled and Cooling towels are provided to prevent becoming overheated.  *Appropriate for all levels, must be able to stand with the aid of a wall/chair & transfer from a chair to a floor mat.

Silver Sneakers-Chair Yoga 

Silver Sneakers-Chair Yoga will move your whole body through a complete series of 80%seated and 20% standing yoga poses, movements for core strength and balance exercises that build endurance and improve flexibility.  A Chair is used to adapt poses for a variety  of skill levels.  Improve your sleep, boost your mood and gainan overall sense of well-being.  





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